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Croton & Container


Best for: Indoors

Kit time: 5 Minutes

Includes: 1 x Decorative container, 1 x 13cm Croton

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Croton’s are fairly easy to care for and attractive groups of house plants. The main thing to get right is the amount of water they need. Not too dry and not sitting wet is ideal. The best thing to do is put your finger into the soil and if there is still moisture there they will be happy.


Grows to around 1m in height and will spread the same. Please note it will take some time to get to these sizes.


Likes a reasonable amount of light. Avoid bright, strong sunlight.

Crotons prefer evenly moist soil. As with most house plants they do not like to sit wet all of the time but Crotons prefer to not dry out too.

Your Croton will come with a lovely decorative pot to grow it in.


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