Your monthly magazine packed with tips, tricks and help,

Each month your subscription includes the DUG Magazine which is packed full of information about your plants as well as helpful articles and a fun quiz.

In-depth plant information

Each magazine gives you in-depth details about all the plants featuring in your DUG plant box. Each plant is individually selected to help you get the most out of your kit. In the magazine you get the chance to see pictures of the plants as well as information about how they grow and as well as helpful tips.

Tips about past kits

Once you have started growing your kits the help does not stop there. For many of the kits we show you how to continue to care for the plants once they have started germinating, growing or fruiting. The DUG magazine will help you along your gardening journey. 

Meet your plant cards

Easy to follow instructions to get the most from your kits

Step by step guide

With each of your chosen kits you get a “plant card". These will take you through each step of the kit with both written instructions and helpful pictures so you can be sure of what you are doing.

Prefer videos? no problem

Sometimes you just need that little bit more information. Each plant card features a QR barcode. This will take you directly to a video with in-depth instructions on your chosen kit and helpful information on how to care for your plants, seeds or cuttings.